Sky-garden: silent dialogue with the sky

Awareness is the moment of realization when the taken-for-granted suddenly shifts from the background of everyday life to the foreground of our perception. In other words, the mind is suddenly freed to see the world more vividly. Awareness is being fully present in the “now” of experience. Given the speed of modern life, too often precious circumstances go unnoticed. The morning sun rising announced by the song birds or fresh spring breezes, these presences are always around us, but against the backdrop of the noise and speed of our modern life, we miss these precious circumstances. They are calling for our awareness. In The Love of Nature and the End of the World: The Unspoken Dimensions of Environmental Concern, Shierry Nicholsen talks about the importance of silence as a condition for awareness. She borrows from the writings of poet Katherine Raine to illuminate our understanding, “It is not birds that speak, but men learn silence.” It is in a moment of silence that one experiences a fuller communication with the unfolding of existence around us.
Silence is not a moment of the absence of sound. It is a moment of halt, the poetic pause experienced in our life. Silence can be experienced by listening, as well as by seeing, touching, or tasting. The sensual experience of silence is the strongest dialogue-a climax of communication with the self and with others. The silence is the moment of contemplation within an experience; it guides people to travel to the inner peace of their minds.

People can experience the silence through unexpected experiences of the sky. Sky is one of the best gifts of nature. The experience of exquisite void and eternal spatial boundary of the sky is an enigma. The sky is fascinating because it is never the same. The sky, its color, form and volume, is different in every time and in every place. Each day, people cannot anticipate what the sky will give and the interaction they might have with the sky. I became aware of the sky in Providence. I find beauty in Providence’s skies because of its various appearances of shade and depth. Diverse atmospheres of the sky create a mood for people to fantasize about the memories of their past and their unknown future. The sky is a place people look to dream and to admire. The experience of sky is a romance, like our dreams and memories, the sky can never reach closely.

Sky-garden is a modern meditation place, a collection of experiencing the sky, in an urban context. Each space in the building gives various sensual experiences of sky and light. Unexpected experiences of the sky in an urban context will give a silent moment to people. This moment will slow down and enrich their ordinary life. People can free their minds through the silent experience of the sky.
Within an existing building, the experience of the sky is possible by opening up a building from solid to void, from folded to unfolded. The experience of the sky through these new interventions goes beyond the spatial transformation in the three-dimensional world; it is the threshold of the dream and reality. Reframing the sky in the existing building, through monumental stairs, sun oriented meditation rooms, void tea lounge and reflective pond, will offer an awareness of sky and light as well as create unique experiences of place within the sensual experience of silence. The silent moment will bring meaning to the space by the people. People will begin to think about themselves within the space and meditate through this space.
A great building, through the awareness of space, gives an experience of our relation to the world, as a part of and a whole of the universe. In THE EYES OF THE SKIN, Juhani Pallasmaa states “Architecture strengthens the experience of the vertical dimension of the world. At the same time as making us aware of the depth of the earth, it makes us dream of levitation and flight.” A great building lifts up our spirit through the sublime experiences of space, time and light.
Many city people, because of their busy lives, are not aware of, or often forget about, the existence of the sky. I hope to bring the sky into our everyday life, by transforming the buildings where people spend most of the time. I believe the more experiences people have with the sky the more their lives will be lifted up and enriched.
The experience of a spatial, continuous sky is the bridge between home and where I am, the bridge between my origin and I, the bridge between God and I, and the bridge between reality and dream. Through my work, Sky-garden, I hope to make people aware of their bridges.

I will let you be free.
If you give me a piece of sky.
Here, fly within me.

Coming soon...