Exquisite Corpse -Renovation of Historical Building

This project takes a premise from The Exquisite Corpse surrealist game. The game was played by a 'group' of artists whom would contribute to the making of a "collage" of a body. The Exquisite Corpse can be understood therefore as a "corporate collage" which takes place throughout time.

An existing building is the trace of history. When designing with an existing building, the history of the building and its neighborhood should not be neglected. In order to have a dialogue with the present, architects need to make new interventions in response to the life of an existing building in time.

“Architecture is a kind of corporeal time machine where the past, the present, and the future are related architecturally through memory.” - Marco Frascari

The George C. Arnold building has been altered throughout history. Each moment is left on the back wall, creating a patchwork of time.