Sharing the Sky

Sara Delano Roosevelt (SDR) Park near by China town in New York is multi-cultural but the people in the park are not integrated. Each group of different people isolates itself in a separate area. Instead of emphasizing the various cultures and the invisible barriers between them, I propose an environment where people can coexist and engage with each other like trees share the sky. Each tree is rooted in a certain place, but as trees grow they branch out in different directions. The leaves all extend to the same sky and share the air.

The building program is the branch of the Drawing Center in New York with galleries and artist studios. I propose an exhibition of Rene Magritte’s works. There is a connection between the development of my concept and the perception of reality in some of Magritte’s works.

For the spectator, it is both inside the room within the painting and outside in the real landscape. This is how we see the world. We see it have a representation of it in ourselves. In the same way, we sometimes situate in the past that which is happening in the present. Time and space thus lose the vulgar meaning that only daily experience takes into account.- Rene Magritte